Whether it be stand alone or series you're sure to find a book to get lost in. 

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His Hidden Agenda 

Amanda James may be short, curvy and full of blonde ambition, but when her advertising job is in jeopardy her good cheer takes a decisive nosedive. Billionaire Dimitri Christakos, a dark and charming wine merchant from Greece, seems the answer to both her company and her love life's salvation, but Amanda isn't sure just what hides behind his amazing dimples. His timing impeccable, his ardor overwhelming, and his house and country amazing, Amanda is suitably enchanted. Her job is saved, her heart but a whisper from surrendered, when Dimitri's old fiancée Rena Siannas’ reappears ready to claim the man she jilted all those years ago.

Could a man like Dimitri be content with a spunky New York working girl when the luscious Greek model Rena is all a man could want? 

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Scarred Heart ​

Quentin thought he had put his past as country singer Jackson Rose behind him after a horrific fire eight years ago left him scarred. Yet when the best cinnamon bun baker in town, Carol Langston, revealed she knew his secret he found himself resisting the old familiar urge to run and hide. Something about the gentle redhead inspired trust and despite his efforts to dig his boot heels in, she kept dragging him out and trying to include him in the holiday cheer. 

With the holiday season in full gear, Carol wasn’t going to let Quentin miss out on all the Christmas fun, the poor man didn’t even have a tree! Despite her attraction to the man that had been her teenage crush, Carol’s time was already stretched pretty thin and she was getting tired of Quentin constantly dashing the minute things got personal. This year she had eagerly, and perhaps foolishly, agreed to head the town’s Winter Wishes festival. The local children’s home was the designated charity, and Carol knew with his star appeal Quentin could make this year the best yet for the children. She just had to convince him to stop being a Grinch and believe there was some good left in himself.

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The Dark Rider

Hannah Crane needs a handyman and fast! 
Her mother’s old home requires major repairs before Hannah can sell it. Summer break isn't nearly long enough and YouTube DIY videos only help so much. 
When gorgeous Alexander Wells shows up the same day she places her ad he seems perfect! Even better he wants room and board in lieu of pay. 

But strange things are happening in the sleepy little town. 
The monument to the town’s mystery Rider is desecrated and the body stolen. A series of petty crimes pop up as well, making Hannah even more grateful to have Alexander around. 

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A Beauty for the Billionaire


When Bodean “Bo” Toller was in high school she thought she had found the perfect boyfriend in Maxwell Kerrington. Until he disappeared without a trace for fourteen years.

Bo's life hasn't always been easy, but family was what held everything together. When her father dies everything is suddenly in jeopardy. Then a mysterious package arrives along with a note from her lost love promising to make all her problems disappear, all she must do is give up her freedom and surrender to his demands. She agrees and is swept away to a formidable estate hidden in the woods, where she comes face to face with the boy she swore she would always love.

Having spent years enduring abuse, Max has emerged on the other side, scarred and a beast of a man. He wants only one thing, the girl he had never forgotten, Bo. Max's pain runs deep as he hides from Bo the marks of his past, and though she seems eager to gain his trust and rekindle their love, Max can't help fearing what would happen if she knew the truth of what happened all those years ago.