The Psychic Series 

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Psychic Undercover
Yes, it’s a cliché but I did it. I won the biggest lottery jackpot in Delaware’s history. I am a psychic after all. The money funded my dreams, a fabulous house in Rehoboth Beach in a gated community complete with clubhouse pool and best of all I opened up a cat rescue, Whisker Kisses. Life couldn’t be better. 

That is until my best spirit friend Victor discovered he could possess others and he chose my annoying but attractive neighbor Lance to take over in order to fulfil some dreams of his own, such as taking our relationship to the next level. 
Then my best human friend John asked for a tiny, little favor, be the fortune teller at his fire company’s annual carnival. No biggie until Joey, a teenage spirit with a chip on his shoulder, latches on to me and insists I help him or else. 

I’m just a young psychic trying to balance what’s right from wrong, my secrets and abilities, and my very unorthodox relationship with Victor who is refusing to let me go.

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Psychic Abroad

I always wanted to travel but not like this!

Long-time friend and spirit Victor took off with the body of my ex-boyfriend saying he has some business to attend to. Maybe dealing with his brother and ex-girlfriend who murdered him? What’s a psychic to do but hope a plane and go after him.

In Greece fellow psychic Mateo joins the chase but despite the sizzling attraction between us and my willingness he keeps his distance.

Can I get Lance’s body back, stop whatever Victor is up to, and get to know Mateo better?

Psychic Falling-FINAL.jpg
Psychic Falling


Life as a young, rich psychic should be easy but I’m finding it anything but.

My best spirit pal Victor is off whooping it up in NYC with the body of his drug dealer nephew that he possessed. My ex-boyfriend and pain in the butt neighbor Lance is smooching in his driveway with a tall, gorgeous blonde…not that that bothers me… And John, my long-time friend, isn’t talking to me.

But things are looking up when fellow psychic Mateo is in town on business and suddenly in the mood to take our relationship past friends.

Add in a rescue overflowing in black cats to protect as Halloween is only weeks away, a spirit stalking me that only speaks Greek and I’m wondering if I should just stay home!

Psychic Unleashed-FINAL.jpg
Psychic Unleashed

My twenty-fifth birthday is days away and I should be excited but suddenly my powers are all over the place. 

Adding to my worries the police are interviewing me in connection to two homicides and send a detective who is a dead-ringer for Clint Eastwood. My sister, Megan, is acting really odd, Victor, my best spirit friend, has completely abandoned me, and I totaled my beloved Tahoe. 

When Megan books us on a cruise to Bermuda things are looking up. Why not get away from my worries for a while? 


Psychic Revealed-FINAL.jpg
Psychic Revealed 

The fallout from that disaster of a cruise has been pretty mild, compared to what it could have been. The best news is my spirit buddy Victor is back and working as an assistant of sorts. .

Lance is getting a divorce and has been dropping major hints that he wants me back. A member of the local UFO and Supernatural Group is hounding me for answers to what really happened on that cruise. .

Then there is Detective Willis who is asking for my help with unsolved cases. Things are heating up between us and I don’t really know what’s going on, we haven’t figured that out yet, and I’m fine with that. I think….

Despite all this, I can handle everything…I hope!
Psychic Wanted-FINAL.jpg
Psychic Wanted

Finally, my life is on the right path. I got the right man, a positive mindset, and things are going really well-for once.

So, leave it to the holidays to throw several surprises my way.

Did you know Death had a dog named Paul?
Or, that ghostly Amberina might have a little crush on Greg Haller, Delaware’s foremost and probably only UFO/paranormal guru?
But the biggest surprise comes when my ghost buddy Victor shows up with information about his murderous ex, Brianna- she knows about me.

If that wasn’t enough, I have ghosts popping up left and right that all want my help and an unexpected death hits painfully close to home.

With unsettling visions of the future haunting me, can I somehow pull it all together and find the balance I crave?

Psychic Be Mine Final .jpg

Psychic Be Mine

I survived the holidays and rang in the New Year, but if I thought things would get easier, I was mistaken.

Death has a job for me. With Aunt Prudy and Amberina firmly behind him, I'm tasked with something I never dreamed I would have to face. Exorcise Victor.
My inner circle is falling apart. Ashley is walking around with an aura that reeks. Parker is a mess now that her ex is back. My sister is halfway through her pregnancy, and apparently, I should throw her a baby shower. And Greg keeps going on about the dark forces in the local cemetery and seems to think we should do something about it.
Toss in some relationship worries, an unplanned séance, and a surprise pregnancy-not mine! And I am stressed!

Can I pull my erratic abilities together enough to help everyone and keep them safe?

Psychic Always final .jpg

Psychic Always

Here we go again!

Like a bad penny, Detective Noah Willis has shown up to darken my doorstep. I thought Victor and his family drama was over, but Noah wants to drag me back into things. And John is strangely okay with this.    

Mrs. James' house sold fast, and my new neighbor is interesting. The cats and I don’t mind him dancing nude on his deck. The wicked green glow in his eyes? Well, that makes me nervous.

Greg Haller has been teaching me to control astral projecting, and I believe I have finally conquered that tricky ability. Until I’m pulled to a place from my past to unlock a buried secret from my childhood. Problem is I don’t remember it.

There are still cats to rescue, ghosts to help, and as my powers come back stronger than ever, there’s also the matter of the dark force in the cemetery to deal with.

Just another day in my life.

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