The Gavenstone Mine Series

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The Miner's Return

In 1839 the Gavenstone Mine collapsed killing forty-eight miners. Or so it was believed...

Kat Gavenstone, having already written several best-selling books on disasters, decided to tackle one close to home—The Gavenstone Mine collapse. But she was in for the shock of her career when the mine’s foreman, Tristan Davies, emerged in 2018 looking decidedly alive and undeniably attractive. He made one claim: The cave-in was intentional. 

When the events of 1839 come crashing down into her life almost 180 years later, Kat has to reconcile what she knows to be true with what she believes to be impossible. With so much more than a book on a deadline, Kat has a decision to make. 

Ben's Folly

Music producer Bennett Gavenstone has been in over his head before but never like this. The old abandoned Gavenstone Mine on his family’s property in Pennsylvania never meant much to him, until the rumors of gold lures him back and it sends him crashing through time to 1839, mere days before the historic mine collapse. Hazel Laurence, a tough dairy farmer who has her own score to settle with the mine’s crooked owner, has saved Ben’s hide a few times so it’s only natural to enlist her help. Together they can save dozens of lives but doing so will alter history, jeopardize his sister’s happiness, and potentially leave him trapped in the past. With Hazel by his side would it really be all that bad to remain in 1839?

Gold Dusted Dreams- coming in 2019

In 1849 Becca Davies set off for the gold rush like so many other hopefuls never realizing a bullet from a fellow gold miner would end her life.

In 2021 Harrison Laurence learns the truth of what happened to the girl he loved all those years ago. The Gavenstone Mine saved him and his sister's life once by bringing them to the future, will it send him back to the past to change Becca's story?

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The Forgotten Miner
Morgan Zimmermann, foreman of the Gavenstone Mine, went missing in 1838, a year before the historic mine collapse. The man simply disappeared, leaving behind his belongings. Yet why was he listed as being one of the miners to perish in the collapse?

Gwennie Gavenstone, having lost her husband to the horrors of the battlefields of The Civil War, is content to help her adopted family, the esteemed Dr. Harrison Laurence and his wife Becca. Her days are filled with helping the sick and orphaned, and the man that comes lumbering out of the woods ranting about the mine eating him certainly fits into those categories.

Coming 2022